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Award-Winning Craft Beer

Denver’s Newest Spot for Beer Connoisseurs

Our Beer

With brewing experience going back to 1991, Oasis knows how to make a great craft beer that continues to stand the test of time. Our beer is classic, yet sophisticated so you’ll have a reason to keep coming back. Whether you’re scouring the internet for the next great microbrewery to visit, or you’re just looking for a place to learn the intricacies of brewing and beer drinking, Oasis Brewing Company is here to welcome you. We pride ourselves on being the brewery for new beer drinkers and long-time beer connoisseurs alike! Depending on what you’re in the mood for, we’ve got a beer to suit your needs. In the mood for a great oatmeal stout? Give our Zoser Stout a try. Is dark beer not your thing? Give our classic American-style pale ale a try for a nice hoppy kick! No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong. All our beers have won awards from The Great American Beer Festival and have been fan-favorites for over twenty years!

Scarab Red

A special blend of British caramel malts brings this brew its luscious texture and brilliant copper color with a distinctive and rich malty finish.

ABV - 5.5%

IBU - 22

This classic American-style pale ale is light gold in color, malty, and smooth. Generous dry hopping contributes to its aromatic character and dry, balanced finish.

ABV - 5.6%

IBU - 44

Pale Ale

Tut Brown Ale

Sweet nut-brown ale, rich in caramel malt with a hint of floral hoppiness. Absolutely the one to try if you're not quite sure about "dark" beer.

ABV - 5.8%

IBU - 27

A powerful American interpretation of an English-style bitter made with generous quantities of the finest domestic ingredients. It's bold and assertive, yet balanced and smooth.

ABV - 6.7%

IBU - 36

Capstone E.S.B.

Zoser Stout

This stout is complex, intensely sweet and roasty. The burnt fruity characteristics combined with a waning alcohol sensation and a light hop bitterness, which balances its powerful malt richness.

ABV - 7.5%

IBU - 27

Deep copper hue with floral and citrus aromas. Copious amounts of late hop additions lead to tropical and grapefruit flavors that blend together with a malty character that finishes with a well-balanced bitterness.

ABV - 6.8%

IBU - 65

De Nile IPA

St. Bernard Saison

This traditional Farmhouse ale pours as a hazy pale sunset. Fruit and floral esters dominate the nose while its light to medium body has hints of honeysuckle, spice, and earthiness that finish with a hint of citrus.

ABV - 6.0%

IBU - 35

Description: Pours a deep Mahogany with a light tan head. Fruity esters and a floral hop bouquet in the nose with a full bodied, caramel and fruit notes on the tongue. Finishes with a bold dry bitterness.

ABV - 8%

IBU - 75

Deshret Red

Blueberry Ale

Pours Vermilion with a slight purple hue, a scent of crisp sweet blueberries, and light malt. Medium bodied, with the subtle taste of fresh blueberries, backed by a lightly hopped golden ale. Finishing delightfully crisp and refreshing.

ABV - 5.8%

IBU - 20

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Beer Awards

Scarab Red

1999 GABF Gold


Tut Brown

1994 GABF Bronze
1996 CO State International Bronze


Capstone E.s.b.

1994 GABF Silver
1996 CO State International Silver
1996 World Beer Cup Gold
1999 GABF Silver
2000 World Beer Cup Bronze


Zoser stout

1992 GABF Silver
1993 GABF Silver
1994 GABF Bronze
1996 World Beer Cup Gold
1996 CO Stat International Gold
1998 Beer Cup Championship Silver
1998 World Beer Cup Bronze
2000 World Beer Cup Silver