Did you know that in 2016 Colorado had two cities in the top ten across the United States for the most microbreweries per capita? That’s right! Denver (8th) and Boulder (2nd) made it on the list with some other great cities around the country.

As spring transitions into summer here in our beautiful state, local breweries from all over Colorado are joining forces to bring their craft beer to the people. Beer festivals are available on almost every weekend throughout the entire summer. That’s a lot of beer to drink! But we believe in you.

You may be wondering, how do I choose which festivals to enjoy and which to skip? At Oasis Brewing Company in Denver, we want you to get the most out of your craft beer festivals this summer. In this post, we share the five factors to consider when choosing which festivals to visit. And if you’ve got a free weekend but want to still enjoy local craft beer, stop by our local brewery!

Five factors to consider when choosing which beer festivals to enjoy

Admission price

It can be exciting to have the next dozen weekends full of craft beer and socializing, but how much will it cost? You may not worry about this, since it’s an expense you’re more than happy to pay for; however, if you’re curious about which beer festivals to choose, consider price. You want to check on admission price, beer price, and more. Visit the festival websites or event pages to see how everything is priced and if you’d be willing to pay for it.

Beer availability

Overwhelming is one way to describe the number of beer festivals available this summer. Some are sold out. Others still have tickets available. But what about the beer that will be available at the event? Make sure you get a list of beers you can drink if you decide to partake. If you don’t know which type of beer you like to drink, ask a friend who knows what they like or give a few local brew festivals a try to get an idea.

Location dynamics

Many beer festivals have indoor and outdoor areas; however, it’s important to check if the festival location has the type of venue you prefer. Maybe you prefer to enjoy local craft beer inside an air conditioned building. Maybe you like to drink your beer, stand in the sun, and socialize. Your preference is important when it comes to the location and what the venue offers.


Check to see the festival’s hours. Most festivals have a mid-morning start and run until the beer runs dry (which is not that often). But it’s good to know what time the event starts and when it ends, so you can plan ahead and enjoy the festival.


Explore the food vendors that will be at the festival. Does admission include food? Does it include a craft beer of your choice? How about local artists or businesses? Make sure and review what will be at the event outside of the beer and take advantage of the offerings.

Oasis Brewing Company: Your local brewery in Denver

After moving from Boulder, Oasis Brewing has enjoyed every minute of being located in Denver. The culture, people, and location is fantastic. As a brewery in the Highlands, we’re dedicated to producing fresh, full-bodied craft beer for all levels of beer connoisseurs. Visit us to try one of our six local craft beers, or give us a call!