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To Our Welcome Parents and Caregivers


We enjoy the laid back atmosphere here at Oasis and are happy to have you bring your kids here to enjoy it too! We care about our community and work hard

to provide a space that is welcome to EVERYONE.

We are a family friendly facility for those under 21 until 8:00p.m.


We thank you in advance for minding the following requests:

Thank you for not...

Leaving your child unattended at any time

Letting them run around the Oasis Brewery space (it’s a large space!)

Playing on the stairs, even with an adult in attendance

Standing on tables

Yelling, even outside!

Throwing things over the mezzanine

Placing stickers or drawing on anything other than paper

(check out our board game area where we provide kids games, as well as some coloring items)


Please be mindful of cleaning up after yourself, and always ask a beertender for any help with sweeping or any accidental spills that may occur!

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